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Mindfulness can be taught in many different ways. I trained as a Connected kids tutor because I loved Lorraine Murray's approach to what she calls "teaching meditation to children". Her approach was based on intuition, warmth, and playfulness. Research suggests that children learn better during play and movement. During my one-to-one and group sessions, I invite children to do activities that they enjoy and I guide them to do them mindfully by bringing their attention back to the present moment. The activities include writing, walking, eating, colouring. I will also guide them into child-friendly visualisations that they can relate to: savouring an imaginary ice-cream, flying on a magic carpet to a dreamed world, telling their worries to stones and throw them far away. If a child is particularly active, I would use tai chi and qigong movements and exercises to help them calm down. 

During my sessions, children love the visualisations and their sense of ease with themselves. Parents often report that children are looking forward to the next session. They love it as they become calmer. These days with so many new stressors, not only parents, but also children are looking for ways to slow down and relax.

Children with autism or ADHD may particularly benefit from these sessions. Research shows that mindfulness can effect physical brain changes that may have a positive impact on a child's development. I have been teaching tai chi & qigong, ancient Chinese exercise routines, to children and young people with learning difficulties for a few years with great results in their attention spans. 

Welcome to my website. I offer mindfulness for children with Mindful Activities, Tai chi & Qigong

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