Hobbies & passions

When I am not working, I love visiting my extended family in Spain, cooking heart-warming meals, minding and playing with my step-grandson, spending time doing tai chi or qigong or meditation with my husband, and going for short or long walks to our beautiful beach in Teignmouth or other places in Devon and Cornwall with my husband, my family and my friends. I also enjoy dancing and writing and the latest Netflix series. 

I have recently qualified as a Connected Kids' Tutor. Connected Kids was created by Lorraine Murray, author of Calm Kids, to teach meditation and mindful activities to children. Since 2017, I have been teaching mindful activities to children of various ages. Children love this approach because it is fun as well as deeply calming.

In 2010, I qualified as a tai chi & qigong instructor with my Chinese grandmaster, Liming Yue. I regularly teach these Chinese exercises to adults and children with learning difficulties. Because I have a very vivid imagination, I make up funny images to teach the movements to adults and children, making my classes fun and relaxing at the same time.


I also have a Masters’ degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy, obtained in one of the most prestigious counselling colleges in Dublin, Ireland, in 2012. I work as a counsellor from my private practice in Teignmouth and Exeter, specialising in anxiety, trauma and diversity. My knowledge of the stress response, anxiety and my counselling skills inform my work during mindfulness sessions with children.

My name is Maria Alda Gomez, but everyone calls me Alda. Because I have lots of imagination, I always felt drawn to working with children and children usually feel at ease around me. With a background in languages and in counselling, I have been working with children on a voluntary basis most of my life and I have recently started to work with children on a more professional capacity.

Alda Gomez

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