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How soon can a child start mindfulness meditation?

Anytime is a good time for a child to start doing mindfulness.

As a parent you may wonder how soon your child can start meditating. Is my child too young? How old does he need to be to start mindfulness? Is mindfulness ok for my child? He is only a toddler. I receive questions like this regularly. The answer is that your child is never too young to start learning mindfulness meditation, but the younger he/she is, the more you will have to help.

Meditation during pregnancy

It is known that meditation can facilitate a healthy pregnancy and labour. Mindfulness meditation, especially focusing on the womb is the first starting point for your child to start calming down. Research has recently shown that our bodies remember everything that happened to us, even during our conception. You can try to be mindful from the moment that you know that you are pregnant, and your child would be too.

Meditation for toddlers

Many mothers would like to calm down their children in their “terrible twos”, a period when a child is starting to discover his/her own autonomy, and he/she will test your boundaries. As in the previous age, you will have to be more present, doing mindfulness meditations yourself.

When they are only babies, you can hold them in your arms and meditate. That would be their practice. When they become toddlers, you can invite them to pay attention to a teddy or similar object. We are inviting the child to be present while doing an activity. That is the basis of mindfulness.

Meditation for young children

You have by now probably guessed that any age is good for a child to start mindfulness meditation, just different ages have different needs. A young child tends to have a shorter attention span than a teenager, but it would get into the meditation much faster. Only 10 or 15 minutes of mindfulness meditation can have an amazing effect on your child.

For any of the mindfulness meditation sessions that you plan with your children, it is important that you don’t force them to meditate. Instead, you can try doing it yourself and inviting them to follow you. But if they decide that they do not want to do it, please respect their opinion. Otherwise, you may create an aversion to meditation which is the opposite of what you wish.

Any age is good to start mindfulness meditation and I am sure you already know that patience is a good ally for any parent who wishes to have chilledren.

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